You As a Citizen

Why Your Citizenship Matters and How to Improve It

The answer is both simple and critically important: Simple, because your citizenship, created by the U.S. Constitution, is intended to protect your freedom and rights. Using your constitutionally granted rights as a citizen, you with other citizens have the power to make America fair.

The openness of American democracy gives self-serving individuals and organizations ample opportunity to bend the workings of government to benefit themselves at your expense. Unless you are vigilant and exercise your rights as a citizen, you WILL be exploited. However, America is a democracy and active citizen participation has in the past and can in the present and future protect and keep intact the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

Use this site DEMOCRACY-CENTRAL to build your citizenship skills.

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How to Use this Site

This site can empower your citizenship.

  1. Explore, LEARN AND DISCUSS issues important to citizens.
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  4. VOLUNTEER to improve and expand this site.

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