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Volunteer to Improve & Expand this Site

Be active and purposefully volunteer as a part of your basic responsibilities as a citizen. The internet provides in-depth access to organizations working on all facets of America’s problems. Work with others and have fun doing so. Here is just an example listing. Note that, as a citizen, your volunteer work helps build a strong America even if your work does not directly lead to “democracy reforms.”

Volunteer work to strengthen the DEMOCRACY-CENTRAL website is also needed. Volunteers are sought to add content and contribute to its design and functioning as it evolves.

The goal of the Foundation for Educating Citizens for American Democracy (FECAD) is to establish a point on the internet that serves as an effective resource in support of participatory American citizenship.

Achieving this goal, even in part, is far beyond the scope of the current FECAD resources and effort. It is FECAD’s vision that the initial web-site will evolve into a web-site extended and managed entirely by volunteers. (Wikipedia suggests the potential.)

If interested in volunteering, please contact us. You may also send an email along with a brief resume to Please indicate the type of contribution you would like to make.

Volunteer activities are open to suggestion but include:

  • Website development management
  • Content acquisition
  • Content editing and development (specify potential areas of interest)
  • Team organization and leadership for development of new applications
  • Team membership (specify potential areas of interest)
  • Software development (e.g. Wikis)
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Fund raising

Your participation will help brighten America’s future. Democracy only works when citizens exercise their voices.

“Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

How to Use this Site

This site can empower your citizenship.

  1. Explore, LEARN AND DISCUSS issues important to citizens.
  2. Test yourself with QUIZZES that are designed to educate and guide you through the site.
  3. PRINT OUT the “Tracking Your Progress Sheet”.
  4. VOLUNTEER to improve and expand this site.

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