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Register to Vote2016 is an election year and the outcomes will have effects on your life. Learn who the candidates are. If you don’t know which ones to vote for, explore the many resources available on the internet and this site. Here are a few for starters:

In this way, you can choose candidates who will best represent your needs.


In our democracy, individuals seeking elective office must be successful in receiving cash contributions and are dependent upon support of volunteers. Otherwise, they don’t win.

Small contributions do make the difference. An example is the Presidential campaigns of Barack Obama. “Persons giving less than $200 accounted for 47 percent of Obama’s donations in his 2008 campaign for President.”

Check out your candidate’s website for information on how to contribute or volunteer.

Even if you can’t contribute in cash, you can do volunteer work to get out the vote and help your candidate win.

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This site can empower your citizenship.

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