How are citizens treated by politicians and elected officials? And why does it matter?

Ideally, citizens are treated fairly, with respect, and provided complete and accurate information. When this is not true, America and its citizens suffer because an effective democracy is dependent upon citizens making judgements based on valid information.

While America has been blessed with many outstanding leaders who have committed themselves to the benefit of Americans as a whole notwithstanding their personal interests; this is not always the case. Treatment varies according to the politicians and elected officials and the citizens involved. Citizens need to be sensitive to and see through politicians and leaders who are not honest and straightforward and who put their own interests above the interests of America and its citizens.
In reality, many politicians and elected officials treat citizens as fools and sheep. Consider the following:

It is sobering to realize that these three examples of hoodwinking citizens have cost many American lives and permanently damaged the health of many children and adults.

How can citizens identify unscrupulous and self-serving treatment? The basic answer is to not respond to emotional appeals but to think for yourself.

Here are a few warning signs for citizens to consider:

  • Are statements by politicians and elected officials honest and true? Democracy depends on accurate information.
  • Do politicians and elected officials appeal to emotion instead of logic? As a citizen, you need to use your brain. Appeals to emotion should raise a red flag on a possible manipulative intent on the part of the politician or elected official.
  • Do agendas of politicians and elected officials actually go against your individual interests? Many politicians are diabolically skilled at “packaging” their agendas so that hot button issues many citizens are emotional about form the basis of their appeal. Having won you over, they then sneak through the issues they care about while you are distracted by the hot button issue. (aka “bait and switch”)
  • Do the politicians and elected officials have a personal interest in the issue at hand? This is a real tip off. Politicians usually want to get your vote and all too often say what you want to hear (lie re their real intentions) in order to get your vote.