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Solutions to the problems facing America must come from you and your fellow citizens. The more confusing and insurmountable the problems facing America seem – the more important it is for you to become active. Lack of action risks the loss of America’s huge potential. Are there clear cut solutions for the problems cited? In some cases “yes” in others “no.” Are the problems insurmountable? No!

Consider the near miracles that adorn American history: the near miracle of America’s triumph in the American Revolutionary War. (“Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence”, John Ferling, 2007). Also consider the miracle of the drafting of the US Constitution (“Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention, May to September, 1787”, Catherine Drinker Bowen, 2010). Let’s face it – AMERICA is lucky! Can luck alone solve America’s problems? Absolutely not! The luck of America’s miracles was made possible by the heroism of its citizens. Join that tradition!

If you think America’s problems can’t be solved or don’t know where to begin, cultivate action oriented thinking. Brainstorm approaches to improvements and solutions.

The following list suggests one point of view (often there are many) towards progress on specific problems.


Sign on to programs that address “inequality”. Ultimately, think deeply about amending the US Constitution. Focus on “electoral college” and all provisions that limit citizen power.


Make it easy for every citizen to vote and have each vote count.

Modern Elections

See ”The Democracy Index”, Heather Gerken, 2009

Money In Politics

Support a constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United; short of that, support relevant legislative initiatives.


Create and support watchdog agencies.


Read about Media here.


Common Cause reports: “American government is based on the principle of majority rule. But in the U.S. Senate, a minority has turned that principle upside down. The filibuster rule, designed to protect the minority’s right to be heard, has been transformed into a weapon that allows just 41 of 100 senators to squelch debate and block action on any bill, no matter its importance or public support.”

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

ALEC’s activities, while legal, received public scrutiny after being publicized by liberal groups in 2011 and news reports from outlets such as The New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek described ALEC as an organization that gave corporate interests outsized influence. (Wikipedia)

Get Partisans out of a Public Process

Enact federal, state and local laws limiting the ability of retired public officials to become lobbyists.

The list above is suggestive only. Be active – do you own thinking and research. Work for reforms on your own initiative or by joining others who are doing so.

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