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Democracy Dialogues

A program to energize citizens at the community level

The lack of civic engagement is a fundamental problem in American democracy. While voting rates are low, citizens who do vote are rarely active beyond voting. Many citizens feel America and its democracy are in trouble. They report feeling they don’t know what actions they can take and are skeptical that their actions would have any impact.


The purposes of the Foundation for Educating Citizens for American Democracy (FECAD) are: 1. stimulate dialogue among community citizens leading to increased collaborative engagement and constructive action; and 2. provide a single one-stop strategic internet resource where citizens, educational institutions and other organizations can learn how to effectively practice American democracy.

Democracy Dialogues:

The purpose of this program is to document and demonstrate how engaging and energizing a group of 60 citizens together at the community level can lead to implementing community improvements with community commitment. The program is designed for implementation at the community level with additional follow through in the same community. Active engagement of college students with the program is planned. The project and its successes will be published and distributed nationally so as to encourage adoption in other communities across America. The overall goal is to provide educational experiences that will increase the ability of citizens to use America’s democratic processes.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI):

Appreciative Inquiry (AI), the underlying process to be used, is a well-established and widely successful form of organizational development. It focuses on positive change, energizing participants and achieving effective implementation. It was developed at Case Western University by David Cooperrider in 1987. It has been applied in business, health care, social non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government operations. It is practiced worldwide. The AI Commons and “The AI Practitioner” describe applications around the world.


Initiate Democracy Dialogues across America. An initial grant is being sought to initiate the program. If interested in supporting this program please consider a donation by visiitng our CONTRIBUTE page or contact us for more information.

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