Foundation for Education Citizens for American Democracy

The DEMOCRACY-CENTRAL website is a product of the Foundation for Educating Citizens for American Democracy (FECAD), the purpose of which is to educate citizens about American democracy and suggest how they can work to improve it. A strategic internet resource will be developed to provide an educational platform readily accessible to all American citizens with internet capacity. Citizens will also be convened in conferences to explore collaborative actions to improve our democracy.

The level of civic knowledge on the part of American citizens is low. Civics is no longer taught in the vast majority of elementary and secondary schools. DEMOCRACY-CENTRAL will serve as a public internet platform that will increase the ability of citizens to be a part of America’s democratic processes.

Website Purpose

The initial DEMOCRACY-CENTRAL website is intended to be a starting point. Hard work by many citizens working together will be required to broaden the scope of the website. Hence, a fundamental goal of DEMOCRACY-CENTRAL is to facilitate and support collaborative efforts to strengthen and expand the site.

Why choose a website as a focus for educating citizens for American democracy? The internet provides access to much of the world’s knowledge. It also provides a means for collaboration. Wikipedia dramatically demonstrates the collaborative powers of American citizens (and citizens of other nations) and the potential to achieve dramatic results given a worthy cause and a sharp focus.

DEMOCRACY-CENTRAL will serve as an organizing platform for citizens to obtain information, to reflect on issues and garner facts, and to collaborate on improvement efforts. The site is intended to be non-partisan and present accurate content. All information presented comes from the internet unless otherwise cited.

Development Strategy

FECAD funds will be used in consult with experts to solicit ideas and to fund promising innovative approaches. All findings will be placed in the public domain. A web-based platform will include reports on innovations tried and the successes and failures of each individual effort so that lessons learned will be available to all citizens working to improve American democracy. It is hoped that doing so will stimulate other innovative efforts, encourage activism, and trigger spin-offs, such as the design of original educational web-based games focused on democracy.

FECAD’s long range development strategy is to build an organization, obtain financing, fund developments and increasingly over time devolve operations to volunteers. Funding will be obtained directly from citizens and private foundations FECAD will also work to partner with other non-profit organizations working to improve American democracy. The initial years of operation will focus on establishing a web platform, obtaining funding and establishing a volunteer base. The initial Board of Directors will serve as a start-up board with key member skill sets in education, organizational development, Appreciative Inquiry, Social Constructivism, executive recruitments and computer based skills. As the Foundation grows, new board members will be recruited to lead conceptualizations and assist in obtaining funding for development of innovations.


The Foundation for Educating Citizens for American Democracy:

  •  Incorporated in The District of Columbia on September 6, 2015
  • Granted non-profit (401(c)3) status by IRS on March 6, 2015

Board Members

Seldon Todd (President)
Founder, Foundation for Educating Citizens for American Democracy. Program Manager, US Department of Veteran’s Affairs On-Line University (ret.) Adjunct Professor: George Washington University, Interactive Multimedia. BS, Humanities and Engineering, MIT; MA, Mathematical Statistics, American University

Helen Jellison Todd (Vice President)
Managing Editor, rehabilitation research journal and related publications, Department of Veterans Affairs (ret.); Independent Publications/Graphic Design Consultant. BA, History and Comparative Literature, University of Colorado

Robert L. Caldwell (Vice President Emeritus)
Co-Founder, LPHD Consulting Group; Founder, Government Appreciative Inquiry Network (GAIN) and Light Point Human Development. Senior Educator, US Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Employee Education System (ret.); Adjunct Professor, George Washington University; Certified Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner

John Oliver Bowman
President, Bowman Computer Support Enterprises. Project Manager, Center for Hospital Information System Technology’s Integrated Hospital Computer System, Department of Veterans Affairs (ret). BS, Physics, Arkansas State University; MS, Physics, Memphis State University

Catherine Dixon
Catherine is an educator and instructional designer with extensive international experience and a passion for sustainability. She has a BA in philosophy from Mount Holyoke College and a professional certificate in Web Based Instructional Design from The George Washington University.

Andrew Pellicciaro
President, Pellicciaro Renovation Service; previously, Personnel Consultant, Woodside Employment Consultants. BA, English, Classics, Political Science, University of Miami


Secretary: Jennifer McNamee
Senior Marketing Manager, Institutional Client Services, The Vanguard Group, Malvern, PA. Responsible for client re-win marketing, live video webcasts, and recent launch of the new plan sponsor website. BA, International Relations, Goucher, College

Youth Consultants

Michelle Stephey
Talent Acquisition Coordinator, 14 West of Agora; previously, Program Assistant (Education), American Medical Writer’s Association. Civic activities include youth mentor/tutor: St. Ambrose Outreach Center, Mother Seaton Academy and Boys & Girls Club of America. BA, Psychology, Loyola University (Baltimore)

Elizabeth McNamee
“Student at Lund University studying Environmental Management and Policy. 2019, Summer Intern, US Department of Energy; Summer 2018, Intern US Environmental Protection Agency, Summer 2018, Co-founder of Epsilon Eta U Penn Chapter. 2018, Graduate, University of Pennsylvania, B.A. Environmental Science. 2017, Sustainability Fellow at SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority).

How to Use this Site

This site can empower your citizenship.

  1. Explore, LEARN AND DISCUSS issues important to citizens.
  2. Test yourself with QUIZZES that are designed to educate and guide you through the site.
  3. PRINT OUT the “Tracking Your Progress Sheet”.
  4. VOLUNTEER to improve and expand this site.

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